About Us

ABS International (ABSINT) is incorporated in 2014 by a professional team, the members has over 25 years experience in the Industrial Automation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Software Development business. Through years of technological collaboration with business principal who are leaders in the Internet of Thing’s technological field and with own research and development, ABSINT has acquired many experiences and develop own Intellectual knowledge in Internet of Things (IoT) technology that are ready to market.
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Smart Home

Experience comfort, security, energy efficiency and peace of mind at your fingertips – any time of day, wherever you are in the world.


Voice Control

“Truly hands free” development platforms, one command controls a single light or sets a perfect scene.


Our Solution

Our Partners

ABSINT work with Business-link Partners in order to be near to the consumer to provide the best service.

Benefit of Smart Home

Utilizing integrated technological systems in your home is one
of the most significant new trends in digital innovation.

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ABSINT employed Z-wave as the smart standard allowing your smart products to work together now and in future.

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We partner with the best brands to provide the best IoT solutions. Thank you to our partners!

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Why Choose Us?

We customise what we do to fit your needs, we deliver products and services that exactly meet your needs.

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