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Everyone need are different, build out your smart home at your pace. Start small and add on as you go.

5 Reasons why Smart Products powered by Z-Wave are the Smarter Choice

1. Easy install.
2. Provides more product choice.
3. Interoperable.
4. Does not require rewiring.
5. Reliable – Serving smart homes since 2008.

Why Smart Home?

Smart Home, Made Easy

With over 900+ certified partner products, there is no limit to what Vera can do for you.

Control your smart home with your preference:

Home Automation

Home Automation and Smart House solutions has greatly increased in popularity over the past several years. Home Automation may include centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the "Internet of Things", in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.

Home automation allows you to remote control devices in your home by voice, computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.


Automation is, unsurprisingly, one of the two main characteristics of home automation. Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the network. The programming may include time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day. It can also include non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered.


Response to Threat Most Important

Thanks to IP gateway and cloud server, you can have remote access to your home - no matter where you are or where you go. You can be always updated with the latest status of your home with 24 hours monitoring and surveillance with video from the IP camera. When an intruder alert occurs it will notify you by email or smartphone application alert and the IP camera immediately records a video clip of the event for evidence. Offering remote access to your system at home the ABS/Smartec system is the best solution for home protection.

In critical situations, immediate response to threat is the most important factor, which often can save our lives. Sensor will identify a threat within seconds, warn you of the danger and activate all the preprogrammed alarm procedures, thus preventing a tragedy from happening.

Smart Lighting In Control - Brilliantly Efficient

Think you forgot to turn your light off? Whether you’re at the office or on vocation, you can check and turn them on or off or program scenes and schedules to save money, save electricity and extended bulb life. They can also be randomized for a lived in look while you are away. You can even turn them on or off every time you arm or disarmed your security system - a great way to save money and energy automatically.

No need moving around the house to switch on / off the Lights. Just control them with one touch on your security panel, smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your home.